A Little Nervous


This was the time that my Crohn's started getting in my way. I could handle it. I could take care of me. But when my doctor told me I wasn't healthy enough to get pregnant with my #3, I broke down. We patiently waited for good health and finally and gratefully got pregnant easily. However, this time I was considered high risk for all the auto-immune issues beginning to pile on...

A Little Nervous... We had another visit with our perinatologist yesterday...aka High-risk OBGYN. I am high-risk this pregnancy because they discovered I have the RO antibody. Essentially, last year when I was so sick and dragging so much, the rheumatologistdiscovered all sorts of new ailments I had. It is quite humerus and often forget their names... In addition to the Crohn's, which has been basically silent since my surgeries almost 10 years ago, they discovered I have Sjorgrens Disease, although I have no symptoms, Thyroid Disease, and this RO antibody. No violins, please...I just take iron and thyroid medicine every day and I am great. However, the RO thing affects pregnancy. More than likely I have had this ROantibody all my life, but no one can be sure. So, I could have had 2 very healthy pregnancies and was completely clueless to the presence of this antibody. OR, it could be a new thing. IF the antibody passes into the placenta, it will go straight to the heart and cause the baby's heart to stop beating. (freak out moment) I had originally thought that if everything looked great with his heart (and he has a good strong heart beat) then the chances of anything happening to our baby was very slim. However, I learned yesterday that that isn't the case. The RO antibody can pass into the placenta at any time and the baby's heart could stop without warning and with no medical options. Even greater cause for worry is that it usually happens between 20 and 24 weeks gestation. (I am 19 1/2 weeks) He said we are not "in the clear" until our precious son is born. I really like this doctor and he is very optimistic, but realistic at the same time. I had really put all this at the back of my mind until yesterday. When he saw him, he said developmentally he is fantastic...and quite big! He is measuring a few days bigger than he is supposed to be and 3 ounces heavier. That seems so small, but he said that's a huge baby in there! Babe and I are so grateful for his good health and nutrition with all the complications I have had with tolerating food during this pregnancy. As he is now, he is the picture of health and beauty :) Praise the Lord. I keep telling myself to trust in the Lord and "Be still" knowing that God is God. I am carrying God's precious child inside of me and know that God will take care of him...and us. Please pray for us! For the rest of my pregnancy that God protects our baby's heart from this antibody, for him to continue to grow and be healthy in my womb. And for peace for Babe and I... It's amazing to know how much I love this baby already and I don't even know him. I just pray for all to be smooth, drama-free and healthy between now and the beginning of September. On that note, this is a picture of Toot #3 getting ready to go in for a good suck of his toes. Delish!

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