CBD for Pets x 2

These are two of my favorite testimonials. Sure, I love hearing from people, but PETS have a certain grasp on my heart. {oh yes, humans, do too...BUT} Pets can't TELL us what's wrong with them. These are from two of my dear friends, so as personal of a testimony as you can get. I love both their pups and so happy they are feeling better with CBD use!


Our 12.5 year old labrador retriever, Grady, had begun struggling with joint pain and, in particular, use of his back legs. It had gotten pretty bad, and for a period of days he spent most of his time in his bed, wouldn’t get up to greet us and would only very slowly get up to eat (he usually races to his food bowl). I mentioned to Penny that I was scared we needed to take him to the vet and that we might be getting closer to the “end”. She recommended Pet CBD oil. Fast forward a week and after taking the pet CBD twice a day he was like a different dog. He had the pep back in his step, he was up and walking all over the house and just generally seemed to be feeling like his old self. At one point, as my daughter was walking him down the sidewalk, I was so shocked to see him literally bouncing and prancing as he came toward me that I had to video it for Penny to see. It has made a huge difference for him and we are so grateful.❤️



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