CBD IS an Essential Oil

So, I get REALLY excited about CBD and essential oils. (CBD IS an essential oil) And I want to find a way to impart what I have grown to understand. I know there are skeptics and cynics and I don’t blame you because I was one. I still am one. I think its important to ask questions and do your research to form your own opinon. I laugh and say I am getting crunchier and crunchier as I age, but its true. The more I learn, the cleaner I want to be…in my life! My cleaning agents, my food, my skin care. All of it. And I have a LONG way to go, but I can always strive to be better. I am going to break this down in to a series of posts so I don’t go too long and bore you to death. So today is just an intro.

So go back to the 90s when I was in high school. I remember a friend was into vitamins. They were healing and wonderful and I was a total skeptic. I never said it, but I thought it was all a gimmick. This was right about the time I was getting really sick. I was over using antibiotics prescribed by my dermatologist for prophylactic use. (PREVENTATIVE!) And I didn’t know it. I believed in medicine and doctors and trusted everything they said. I had no reason not to trust.

I jumped on the essential oils wagon about 7 years ago when many people did. I acknowledge it was a craze, but I was desperate. I was super sick, had no idea what was ahead of me and that I was about to get way worse before I got better. But…medicine wasn’t helping me. Doctors were shaking their heads at me and telling me I would be on medication for discomfort for life. The kind of pain I had, those meds didn’t touch. I remember the day I found a pit in my stomach because I realized my doctors, MULTIPLE expert doctors from big hospitals in the US didn’t know what to do for me. I was at Mayo Clinic seeing one of “the best doctors” in the world and he told me that most people with my severity of disease come to his office in a wheelchair and that if I was on the Oregon Trail, he would bet on me making it to Oregon.

I lost my hope on that trip. I cried the entire plane ride back to Houston from Rochester. I had no answers. So, I started looking for my own answers. That's when I studied up on diet, went on a massive diet that was unusual when I did it 10 years ago, but somewhat common now….lean protein and veggies only. And I got profusely sick. We called it my exorcism. By eating well, for 5 days, my body detoxed something awful. It was the first time that I could justify homeopathic remedies and claimed that saying you see, “Food can be the worst form of poison or the greatest form of medicine”. For me, it hit the nail on the head. So, I learned that my food could heal or hurt me. I had huge HUGE improvements, but I still had Crohns disease. I will always have those credentials behind my name.

Soon after that I learned about essential oils and studied and researched the same way I do with anything. The skeptic in me wanted to know the WHY. I can’t take something HOPING it works, I want to know WHY it works and HOW it works. By being on immunosuppressants, I had no immune system and the wackiest things happened to my body. So, I truly was a petri dish for using essential oils. And they worked. I had bleeding gums despite being fanatical about brushing and flossing my teeth. I also had a painful cyst and a pocket of fluid on my lungs. Each were "untreatable" and stumped my doctors, but when they had no answers, I was able to treat myself with essential oils. Why don't I get it? Why don't I do that first? Because I, too, was trained in the medical model. I think doctors are brilliantly smart people who, like me, have dedicated their life to helping people. Unfortunately, they are missing a small, yet enormous concept that is found in natural remedies.

I understood that my family was so excited for me to get relief from oils, but when it came time for them to need them “Oh no, they aren’t for me, but so glad they work for you!” You don’t believe in them until they work. And over the years, my husband, then my mom, then my dad became believers because they witnessed healing in a moment of illness. Over and again.

So, most people who know me know I have big faith. My interest in essential oils brought about my interest in why Jesus was given Frankincense and Myrrh. I "get" the gold. And a friend introduced me to this book. Healing Oils of the Bible by David Stewart.

I read it from the edge of my seat. My family was so annoyed because I kept quoting it and couldn’t stop so I would end up reading pages to them….and they were not as excited as I was about what I was learning.

So, right here I want to insert that I am not a doctor and I am coming from a point of humility. I am a constant learner and am simply sharing what I have learned. I have so much to go, but I want to share the basics because most people dont really care to go beyond the basics. But the basics make sense.

While my faith overlaps a lot of things in this book, I have many friends who don’t share my beliefs and I want to approach this post using the Bible as a history book. We all can agree the Bible is a great resource for telling us how people lived years before Jesus walked the earth and for years after. And the Bible has hundreds of references to ESSENTIAL oils! BEFORE The scientific method was the golden rule, humankind used every part of plants…their seeds, their resin, their bark, leaves, and oils for healing, aromatics, and spirituality. The apocrypha in the old testament of the Catholic Bible was written between 300 BC and 100AD. There are other books written between 200BC and 600AD referenced that give us an idea as to how people lived then on a daily basis. This teaches us a little bit about how plants were used.

Essential Oils are called ESSENTIAL because they are necessary for the life of the plant. They contain the “essence” of the plant. So while we view them from a perspective of how they can help US, the oils are vital to life and processes of the plant. God created plants with as much intricacy as he created humans and animals. Plants have parts for protection (think cactus), for self-preservation (think succulents), to prevent bugs from eating them (think herbs). Every plant is created intelligently. Its truly remarkable to me the detail of plants and as a believer I believe those plants are smart because God created them and He created them for Adam and Eve and for you and me because he left Adam and Eve in a garden. Not in a lean to or a tee pee or a shelter. He didn’t plant a CVS on the corner by the fig tree. Their life was perfect in a garden full of aromatic flowers and the Bible tells us he gave them everything they needed. Can you just imagine?

OK…so the science. Essential Oils are teeny weeny molecules (500amu…atomic mass units) that can penetrate into every single cell in our body. Including passing the blood-brain barrier…which that in itself is huge. Modern medicine uses breast milk combined with fish oil to get fish oil into the brain for patients with attention issues. This is important to note that fatty oils that we cook with like olive oil or canola oil have molecules that are much too large to get into our human cells. They are over 1000amu...more than twice the size of an essential oil.

So, using the Bible as a history book, essential oils were inhaled, used topically and orally by everyone during “bible times”. Their benefits are referenced physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually thru out the Bible and other resources from the day.

Current day medicines are manufactured by man. They lack carbon meaning they are inorganic. They don’t have the life force that a plant has and therefore don't have the intelligence of plant,. like photosynthesis. Every medication that is man made has a side effect. We know the lists when we hear them on commercials. And working in a skilled nursing home I see it every day. Patients taking one medication and another to help with the side effects and then they have a handful of meds they have no idea what they are for and most are to offset uncomfortable side effects of a different medication. This is why we have doctors. Medicine can be dangerous when mixed or taken improperly. We need skilled chemists with a large knowledge to supervise the use of our medication so we don’t kill ourselves. And this….we have learned with opiate use. Medicines are not made to heal. Medications are made to be on for life and you get caught in a vicious cycle…me. I am on thyroid medicine. And I have been told to never go off because my thyroid is now dead. I have to take it forever.

**Im not sure where to insert this disclaimer so I will here. Antibiotics saved my life. I am eternally grateful to Alexander Fleming who invented Penicillin, the very first antibiotic. I was on 10 IV antibiotics at once to fight the sepsis in my body, so I am not here to dog western medicine. I believe in it and it saved me and I wanted saving. On the flip side, I also believe that the OVERUSE of longterm low dose antibiotics contributed to all my health issues starting when I was a junior in high school**. So there’s that.

Compare that to essential oils. They really dont have serious side effects, at least none that are deadly. (The devils advocate in me here says what about food allergies? But I have no knowledge of immunology and I know that allergies are increasing over time so I have to think that Adam and Eve were not allergic to nuts and grass and trees like we are today.). When essential oils are used they work together in harmony vs working against each other. They don't cause harmful drug interactions like synthetic drugs. We don't have to have the supervision of a doctor to use them. I always think of Native Americans and how they knew their plants for healing. When using essential oils you dont get addicted or stuck using oils for life because they embody a healing power. They know how to heal what needs to be healed. Essential oils were EVERYTHING in this world for much longer than pharmaceuticals have been used in this world. And their use has been referenced in Arabia, Lebanon, Persia, Babylon, Southeastern Europe, Egypt, Libya, Africa, India, Himalayas, Indonesia and China. Just Google it!

Oils were used for worship and still used today in Catholic Churches to be spiritually uplifting. I know when my grandmother was buried her priest waved Frankincense over her burial. Seventy percent of the books the Bible mention essential oils, their uses and plants from where they came from. This book says that the Bible makes reference to 1035 essential oils and 33 species of herbs and trees. So, as a history book, we know that essential oils were used in abundance. Ezekiel 47:12 says, “their fruit will be for food and their leaves for healing” when speaking of plants. So plants are not only to be used for nutrition but they are also for healing.

The Bible references plant oils such as olive, almond and flaxseed being used for fuels and the aromatic essential oils for flavor, perfumes, incense, embalming. They were also referred to for emotional release, mental clearing, spiritual upliftment, physical healing and prevention of disease. The word “anoint” which shows up a lot in the Bible means “to massage or rub with oil”. Healing oils referenced in the Bible include aloe, cassia, cypress, galbanum, frankincense, cedarwood, spikenard, myrrh.

The Scientific Method started between 5-600 years ago and people began to look for answers to life questions OUTSIDE the church. For hundreds of years people went to church to get anointed and healed. They didn’t have hospitals. Healing came from the church. So, when the scientific method came about, culture became more secular and we began to ease away from the church for our dependence on health and healing putting less faith in God made solutions and more dependence in man made solutions.

So….I think that is a good place to pause. Just an intro to what essential oils are, why they are ESSENTIAL, what their role is in the plant and in human healing and how plants are truly intelligent.

To tie that in to my passion for CBD, the hemp plant was created by God with specific purposes in mind. This is part of a video I made when I first started researching CBD and it bears repeating right here:


Delicious Trichomes on the Hemp Plant....

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of more than 100 unique “cannabinoid” compounds that are found in the oily resin of the cannabis plant. The gooey resin is concentrated on the clusters of cannabis flowers which are covered by tiny “trichomes.”

Trichomes are specialized structures that contain many oily, medicinal compounds, including CBD, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and various other terpenes….

The mushroom-shaped trichomes protect the plant from heat and ultraviolet radiation. The oil also has anti-fungal, antibacterial and insecticidal properties that deter predators. The stickiness of the resin provides another defensive layer by trapping bugs. The same oily resin that protects the health of the plant includes components that are beneficial for human health…..found in CBD oil."

So there you have it. Plants have incredibly intricate design to protect them in the wild, but that same design and benefits used to protect itself can be also used to benefit the human body. And why is that? Because they are intelligently, and incredibly supernaturally made by God for our purposes of nutrition and healing.

Are you excited? Are you on the edge of your seat yet? I just find it fascinating how everything on this earth is orchestrated for what seems to be a simple purpose yet at the same time a much greater purpose. The fact that I have never thought about the tiny detail of a plant and why each are so different just blows my mind. They each serve a God given purpose.