Certificate of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis is simply a document that shows the results from a Third Party Laboratory of CBD oil in this case. But this certificate is VITAL when ingesting anything with CBD in it. Otherwise, you don't have a clue what you are putting in your body.

First, it must be third party (not created by the company making the CBD oil) for obvious ethical reasons. Second, make sure the date is current. At the writing of this blog, it is May 17, 202 and this certificate states it was received on 4/27/20 and it was tested on 4/30/20. That is some pretty fresh CBD as I received it in the mail about ten days ago! Next, you can see the concentrations listed (colorfully) of the cannabinoids that the sample is being tested for. See the big brown horizontal column on the right? That is the concentration of CBD. It's loaded! There are a few other cannabinoids in lower concentration included from the plant like CBG, CBC, CBDA. And ND stands for "Not Detected". The Max THC, circled in red at the bottom is .25%. Remember that legal THC was UP TO .30%? So this is below the legal limit.

Its a 3 page document analyzing all the contents of the product. PASS of course means it PASSED the test. On this page, you can see that the Heavy Metal Analysis indicated that there were NO heavy metals detected. (Good news!)

Page three tests for all the listed compounds which would more than likely be residues from extraction if it was a CBD oil that was chemically extracted versus by Carbon Dioxide (like we do).

So where do you find this document? That can be tricky with some brands. Some brands, I have discovered, post one certificate for all products and I am guessing hope you think that is enough. It's not enough. They have simply posted one that "PASSED" and that they are proud of. Or, they don't keep up with reporting each product. The beauty of Green Compass is that you can see what is in your VERY bottle by looking at the QR code on the bottom of every product. Its so easy! I am attaching a video to demonstrate how easy it is.

So, if your product has a legitimate Certificate of Analysis that tests for all of the above AND passes the test....Check off your first box!