Day 23!!



Day 23!!

I am thrilled that I have heard from so many of you asking questions about this diet. I hope I can help anyone out of any pain the way I have come out of pain so readily. It has been life-changing for me. Keep the questions coming! I love it and I love hearing from you. Babe and I completed the liquid portion of our diet together. I actually went one day longer than him (4 days) so we could be on the same day in our journal moving forward. I was really missing food in my mouth after four days, but I wasn't hungry. We had appeasement pills to take if we needed to. I did take them simply because I have struggled so much with my stomach that hunger pains = serious pain for me. I don't think its really that bad, but my brain jumps to immediate pain if anything in my tummy rumbles...many years of lots of pain I guess. The day immediately following the liquid, we had to stick to vegetables only. Lucky me...I have stir-fried more veggies than I ever wanted. I "fried" squash in a skillet with a small tab of organic butter and onions. I use garlic out the wazoo to give everything I eat some sort of flavor. The next day. Wait for it....we got a potato! I have never been more thrilled over a baked potato...a PLAIN baked potato. It was fabulous.. I added a little organic butter and I thought I was in Heaven! With potato's added in, I then had to wait 24 hours to make sure I had no negative effects. I made! The next day, we got to add back in lean protein...chicken and fish. Last night I was up late with WHS so I cheated only a bit, but added cream cheese last night (instead of this morning) as legal dairy. I have never cheated on illegal food. Its just the order that we are replacing most foods that we were already eating before the liquid detox. Unfortunately, this morning, I felt the pains of having a UTI. Oh no! She told me we needed to slow down and she didn't want me adding more food right now. It is possible it was a "Healing Crisis", where the said symptoms actually gets worse as it is really getting better. OR, it could be a sign the yeast is still alive. We have to be very careful moving forward. I have been nursing a cold for over two weeks now. She called it detox and it may have started that way. However, all 3 boys have runny noses and coughs, so I think it has evolved to a cold. She wants the cold to be gone before I move forward. Ugh. No celebration Valentine's Dinner for me... We are definitely getting weary of the diet. For Babe, it is so much harder to stay focused because he wasn't driven to this diet out of desperation, like me. He has had dramatic improvement and healing in his sinuses since the beginning of the diet. I have never known him to not be congested. He has zero congestion. Other than that he has lost weight, but he really didn't have anything else in his body that needed healing. I savored that potato for the time. She might take them away from me now. How difficult can it be to kill this yeast? 23 days of no sugar or yeast...surely its all gone!!! Really. I just want a cheeseburger. A really good a Snuffer's burger. Maybe some cheese fries. Is that so much to ask? What a dream....


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