DAY NINE Complete!

I was on the diet for a total of 45 days. It was a long, long journey to wellness.


Day NINE Complete!

Wow! Thank you so much for all the kind emails and phone calls of support and encouragement. They were felt so much more than you know. This has been incredibly difficult and painful, but I am on the up and up! It has also been extremely emotional for me. Only a few people knew exactly how much pain I was in because I was desperate for their prayers. I have been praying for healing for almost five years and I truly believe that that has almost been answered. You cannot fathom the relief and joy I feel, as well as my family, that I am actually about to be just another healthy person on the street. I KNEW my problems were not related to my Crohn's Disease and, in fact, the woman coaching me through this thinks it is possible that my Crohn's was precipitated BY the yeast overgrowth. What a concept! Because I am so completely amazed by the changes in my body in a mere 9 days without yeast or sugar, I want to tell the WORLD about it. This is not something a doctor with an MD will tell you to take on. I was trained with the medical model...find the symptoms and treat them. This, my friends, is looking at the whole body and treating it. So much better than popping pain pills and taking big drugs for the rest of my life. One of the primary causes of yeast overgrowth is related to taking any of the "Cyclines" for a long period of time. Guess what? When I was in high school, I was on Tetracycline and Doxycycline for years at a time as prescribed by my dermatologist. In hind site, it was between my junior and senior year of high school that I blew up like a blow fish. I was puffy...and for no reason at all. No diet change, always playing tennis and exercising. If you have a yeast overgrowth, it does to your body what it does to bread, it makes it rise and puff up! I think that was the beginning of it all. As explained to me, the yeast can ebb and flow based upon your diet or if you take yeast medication, such as Diflucan. However, the yeast is never fully killed by drugs and what yeast remains alive will come back stronger. Thus, the increase in all my symptoms over the years. In order to be an open book I will list all the symptoms I had that ended up being symptoms of Candida Overgrowth. Many I didn't know were symptoms or have complaints about, but have now discovered they all contributed to the overgrowth. Hold on. The list is long... Drowsiness, inability to concentrate, headaches, dizziness, chronic rash/itching, heartburn/indigestion, food sensitivity, dry mouth, wheezing, urinary frequency, fatigue, feeling drained all the time, poor memory, feeling spacey (yes it says that on my eval), inability to make decisions, numbness or tingling, insomnia, muscle aches, muscle weakness, pain and swelling in the joints, abdominal pains, constipation, bloating, yeast and bladder infections, attacks of anxiety, cold hands or feet, extremely dry skin, shaking or irritability when hungry, and sugar cravings. These came directly off my evaluation. Typically if you have 18 symptoms, you are a candidate for yeast overgrowth. AND, there are other possible symptoms, I just listed my own. Most people who go through this program move from the first phase, "Die Off" to "Detox" on Day 9. I will be in the Die Off phase twice as long because my symptoms were so severe. Word on the street is that once you hit the Detox and start eliminating all the dead yeast and toxins from you body, you feel like a million bucks. I haven't even reached that stage yet and I am already singing the praises. After being in pain and sick for so long, feeling "great" has never been something I can claim. I can't imagine feeling even better than I do today. Babe, my sweet, yet cynical hubs is completely in awe of the change in my body, my mood, my symptoms. When he did his own research, he found that it is believed that 89% of the population has some degree of yeast overgrowth. I think about those with fibromyalgia and chronic conditions that are so discouraging to work through. I want everyone to be aware that this is out there. My life has changed in 9 days! And, Babe. Babe is hopping on the bandwagon tomorrow.