Diet Complete

**with a little prize at the end**


Diet Complete

We have had house guests for the last eight days, which we loved, but my freetime has been limited.  To catch you up, I completed my diet two Friday nights ago.  I really was to finish on Saturday morning, but what's a few hours, especially when I had far exceeded the necessary days in the diet.  I took JBS to a birthday party and eyed the Baskin Robbins across the street as my first indulgence... a mint chocolate chip milkshake.  It was divine. In total, I lost 24 pounds from beginning to end and have gained about 5 back since eating "real" food again.  I think that I should have continued the diet a little longer, but I was so ready for a break.  I still have one symptom that did not completely disappear.  I want to do the 30 day again just to ensure that I am healed through and through.  However, I am going home for Spring Break and there is no way I can be in a house with my mom's food and make it.  So, I am going to do a two-day prep and detox in the next week and maybe again before Easter.  Then, post Easter brunch, I am going to give it another shot for 30 days.  I know for a fact it won't be nearly as grueling at the first time and I know I can only feel better with more chance of healing.  Most of the things I had in my mind as "dream food" I have eaten and nothing has measured up as worth the pain of eating it again.  I am completely surprised that I have little desire for many of those things.  Sweets are definitely sweeter.  My problem was that Girl Scout cookies arrived the week I was finished with the diet.  They are always good, no matter what! So the real story to tell is this.  My mom called and asked if she could send my boys her Valentine Cookies...which I love.  She was being nice and making sure it wouldn't put me at risk for blowing the diet.  I told her to send them on and I would be good.  When they arrived, they smelled like Heaven.  I put a couple in a baggie and froze them knowing I was a week away from completion.  Babe soon came in the kitchen and saw my look of fear as my hungry eyes fixated on the Valentine Cookies.  I was justifying the length of my diet and really getting ready to bail.  He could tell I was about to fall off the yeast-free wagon.  At that moment, he pulled out all stops and told me that if I could make it the last week of the diet that he would buy the bookcase I wanted at Laurie's as a reward for sticking to my diet for 45 days.  He didn't have to say it twice.  I was up for the challenge and the cookies were no longer a cause for kicking the bucket. Furniture motivates me and Laurie's definitely motivates me.  So, that Friday, when I knew I had made it, I raced to Laurie's to buy the hutch.  I thought I was going to have to order it (which take 3 months from Mexico), but to my surprise, it was in stock and delivery was available for Saturday!  My day was made, the diet was a success, my mom and granny were headed to town.  Life was good.  Here is my new hutch in the living room....I LOVE IT!  And, yes, I could tell the Spanish-speaking delivery men were laughing at me thinking there was NO WAY it was going to fit in my living room.  At the store, it measured 8'7" my 9 ft ceilings! :)  Better than built-ins, right?  So, I can take it with me when we move...And it did fit...


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