Y'all. I was a very good blogger when my kids were young. Amongst those blogs, some health issues got mixed in. It was my best way to communicate to my friends and loved ones near and far what my status was. I am finding the old blogs and trying to post here in order as the MY STORY category. This one cracks me up. How NEW holistic and natural healing was for me and truly for the people around me. That was twelve years ago....


Earth Mom Take One

You may laugh and think I am nuts for calling myself Earth mom, or you may laugh and think I am crazy for just now "getting it". This is the story. I have become a huge fan of my nutritionist. Most of you who read my little blog know that I have Crohn's disease. For over ten years I have struggled with incredible pain, lots of drugs and a few surgeries. I have had doctors that I love and that are very good doctors attempt to treat me. However, after ten years of having medication thrown at me, I am sick of it. No one has healed me, yet. I take lots of drugs and especially in the last year of stress, I have had terrible abdominal pain. Blinding pain that got me to the point of trying ANYTHING to help me. Even visiting a chiropractor. Babe, too, has his own struggle with chronic allergies. He is one of those people that is just allergic to everything. His allergist here recommended he see this nutritionist/chiropractor here about his allergies. Well, Babe thought he was pretty good and signed me up to go to address my Crohn's issues. This is a big step for me. As a trained therapist, chiropractors haven't always been the highest on my list, as I often saw patients that were injured from bad chiropractors. That is the key. There are good ones and bad ones. Just like doctors or mechanics or cooks! So, I was skeptical. VERY skeptical. He gave me a special blood test that determined specific vitamin deficiencies that I had. Having Crohn's I have given tanks of blood, but no one has ever looked at my vitamin deficiencies. He looked me in the eyes when he saw my results and told me he could put me in remission. If you have been on the receiving end of my grief this year, you would understand that my eyes welled up with tears and I told him skeptically, but with great hope and through tears to do it. NOW! For a month, I have been taking vitamins specific to my deficiencies and I haven't felt so good in years. I haven't had a blinding attack since I saw him, either. So, I am sold. I love the holistic approach. I love that he wants to get me off my meds eventually. I love that he has a plan for me. His theory is that everything comes down to the intestinal tract. If your intestinal tract isn't healthy, more than likely, you aren't. This pertains not only to GI disorders, but migraines, allergies (food and seasonal), sleeping disorders, heart health, cancer, the list goes on. A huge light bulb is glowing in my head.

So, the earth mom part is that today JBS has a sinus infection, but he feels fine. So, I am taking the probiotic approach with him to repair his intestinal tract in an effort to heal him before he needs antibiotics. I am giving him probiotics and starting the Sambucol, that I love so dearly, 3 times a day. It sounds crazy, but the science adds up. It's all about the immune system and the immune system is directly affected by what we eat (or don't eat) and what passes through our intestinal tract to break it down or build it up. It's mind boggling and very exciting for someone like me. You wouldn't believe the success stories he shared with me pertaining to kids with chronic upper respiratory issues. It's all about the gut. You must be good to your gut. So far, I am a complete believer. No one has been able to stop my pain in the last year, rather 10 years. I was only given "emergency pills" to take when I had a moment of distress. (ie near death experience in my opinion) The jury is out. Stay tuned for the results. I think I can make a believer out of you.

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