How to KNOW what CBD oil to Take?

There are CBD shops everywhere.... EVERYWHERE. And I have seen them next door to one another. Obviously, CBD is working for people. And everyone is claiming theirs is the best. Who do you believe? I could tell you the same thing, but if you don't know me and trust me, then why would you believe me?

I not only want my friends, family, and customers to feel better, but I really want you to be educated. I have friends send me messages all the time to ask me if their CBD is OK. I immediately ask for a picture of the ingredients list on the bottle and a picture of the front of the bottle so I can search their website. It's quite UNREAL what I have found {and not found} in some pretty well-known brands of CBD. I am not here to put any specific product down. What I AM here to do is educate you as to what you need to look for. If you already have a bottle of CBD and its not over the top BAD, then finish it. You paid for it. But when you are done with that bottle, I challenge you to buy one from my company. I have complete confidence that you will not only feel better, it will also taste better and you will rest easy because you will have confidence it is created by an ethical company.

Most people I have encountered have zero confidence that their CBD is good. They are not committed to their brand because some 20 something in a CBD store told them to buy it and that was that. For my friends that already used CBD, I asked them the same. "Finish your bottle and if you aren't married to that brand, would you try your next bottle from me?" The response has been overwhelming. "I don't smell like weed." "It tastes good." "NOW I know what I'm supposed to feel like." I love it. And I am so proud of my brand: grown, harvested, extracted and bottled in North Carolina by a 6th generation organic farming family.

The above graphic is my very favorite graphic to cover, because what I love most is educating. You need to understand what is going into your body and putting in your mouth, or better yet your child's mouth. If you don't know, you should learn, because there is some BAD stuff out there. CBD is NOT regulated by the FDA, so anyone can sell anything and put a pretty label on it and call it CBD. Check out this study from Penn Medicine.

Nearly 70 percent of all cannabidiol products sold online are either over or under labeled, causing potential serious harm to its consumers.

The best case scenario is that of the 70% {thats a HUGE number} of products that are mislabeled are mislabeled because they are simply made of olive oil or hemp seed oil (not CBD oil), something that can't harm you. But the worst case scenario is that a CBD bottle is UNDER-labeled meaning someone is taking CBD oil thinking they are safe and "legal" and it turns out to have 5% THC in it. Kids taking for illness can easily overdose and die. It could make you high and you harm someone unintentionally by getting behind a wheel. There are so many potential dangers. There can also be hidden dangers. Long term use of a product with heavy metals in it, pesticides, fertilizers in it. The ONLY way for you to know what you are putting in your body is to have a 3rd Party (meaning the company isn't conducting the analysis themselves) Certificate of Analysis. That is our first point above and will cover it in the next post.

For the next few posts, I am going to address each point above plus 2 more very important points.