How To Start An Online CBD Business

  • Cannabidiol (CBD), a compound found in hemp and cannabis plants, is increasingly popular in dietary supplements.

  • The CBD industry is projected to hit $20 billion in sales by 2024.

  • Hemp and hemp CBD are federally legal following the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill.

  • The industry still faces challenges in advertising, banking and insurance.

If I can do this YOU can do this. Just let that sit with you while you read this. I never set out to sell CBD. But I found such incredible relief for my issues at the time, that I was sold immediately on the benefits. So, I told my friends and my family and they told theirs and with very little work, working in the cracks of time, I fell into this business. And with very little effort. In fact, I am an Occupational Therapist and had very little time to build a business. I texted during my lunch hour and posted on social media before I went to bed.

Find a Reputable Brand To Represent

First, you need to decipher between the thousands of brands of CBD out there. And that's THOUSANDS and growing. The reason this matters, is the fact that already some very well-known brands that are in a legal nightmare. They were not forthcoming or even hid important (and illegal) information about their product that is harmful for ingestion. When the Feds find a way to regulate the sales of CBD, and they will very soon, more than half of the places you see or brands you know will disappear over night. Because....they aren't doing it right. Their driving force is not helping people feel better, but making as much money as they can, while they can, before the ball drops. So, just because you have "heard of that brand". Don't trust anything until you do your own due diligence. I can tell you I found the best brand, because I do believe I did. But, more importantly, I want you to understand the WHY. And move forward confidently that your company will still be around, makes ethical business decisions and provides a quality and efficacious product.

I don't know about you, but unethical, sketchy and secretive is not how I roll. I have standards and I like to operate with ethics. Let alone, my friends and family and people that trust me and know me are listening to me and buying my product based on my recommendation. I don't take that lightly...AT ALL! There is currently a product out there that has been caught because its full of heavy metals and toxins despite claiming to be natural. What if I gave that to a friend with cancer? Another HUGE brand is in trouble because they didn't list all the ingredients on their product....and guess what? Someone took their product that was allergic to the specific ingredient they failed to list. All these decisions are selfishly motivated with dollar signs at the top of the list. If I am going to build a business with a steady income for my family, it dang sure better be around for me. How awful for a company to disappear overnight for legal troubles and leave their advocates in the lurch. Advocates that were supporting their family's with their income? Horrific.

I probably scrubbed down 50 different CBD companies. I looked at where their hemp was grown, how it was extracted, if it had 3rd party testing, if the company even knew what a farm LOOKED like. You wouldn't believe the numbers of HUGE brands that are marketing companies. And they are REALLY good at what they do. They market. They make beautiful websites, and lovely labels and sell they do with no concern as to the quality of the product or ethical standards by which it's created. In fact, not only are they marketing CBD oil, but they have their hands in other pots marketing them. It could be an air conditioning coil....for whatever that is worth. They have no genuine interest in the product, but the product sales period.

There are 9 things you want to be sure your CBD has. I go into this further HERE.

1-Certificate of Authenticity-this proves they are who they say they are. If there is not a CURRENT COA, run.

2-USDA Certified Organic Label. Don't fall for websites that say "Grown Organically" because it takes 10 years to get that certification and its no joke. If they aren't certified, their soil has not proven to be safe.

3-Clean soil...Hemp is a natural soil detoxifier. If your soil has pesticides, fertilizers and heavy metals in it, so does your hemp. If your hemp has it, then you are drinking it. Certified Organic is a MUST.

4-Make sure your product is from the HEMP FLOWER. Anything else is cheap. Stems and stalks= Aerial parts, which is watered down CBD. Hemp SEED oil, is not therapeutic, nor does it contain an OUNCE of CBD.

5-Make sure your product is CO2 extracted. Heat extraction kills the therapeutic benefits of the molecule and any extraction with chemicals such as Butane or Ethanol have residual in your oil and you WILL taste it. Like gasoline.

6-Make sure your product has a clear gold color. This is the color from the hemp flower and the purest oil with no impurities. If your product is GREEN, it is not CBD oil, it is Hemp Seed Oil and they are NOT the same.

7-Your product should contain MCT oil. This stands for Medium Chain Triglyceride. CBD does not absorb on its own in our body. It needs a special fat to help it absorb and MCT is that fat. Coconut oil is an MCT or medium chain triglyceride fat. Also of note, in order for CBD to pass thru the blood brain barrier, it needs that MCT oil. Water soluble CBD will not pass the blood brain barrier.

8-Make sure your product is not WHITE LABELED. This means that there is a company or two out there cranking out CBD for 100 different companies. Each company is putting its own label on it and claiming for it to the best CBD you can find. Straight from Kentucky. Those are marketing companies. They know little about farming, if anything and are simply selling another companies product to get their hand in the pot. There are also bottles that will say BOTTLED in the USA. That is a sure sign they are coming from abroad and you don't want any part of all the question marks involved in what is in that oil.

9-Look at your ingredient list. The only necessary ingredients in a quality CBD oil is Hemp-FLOWER extract, MCT oil and maybe an organic essential oil for flavor. Nothing else necessary.

poor ingredients to note:

VEGETABLE GLYCERIN (chemical) We don't fully digest vegetable glycerin and natural side effects are nausea, headache and diarrhea. It is the cheapest ingredient you can add to CBD. Again, selfish motives to keep the cost even lower, providing a low quality product.

SUCRALOSE: Why in the world would someone add a fake sugar (aka a chemical) to a natural product defeating the purpose of using a natural product? It makes no sense.

AERIAL PARTS: the leftovers of the plant and not a quality source of CBD from the plant. Not getting what you pay for.....or you are buying it cheap and you are getting what you pay for, then having to go spend more money to buy a good product.

How to Learn More About My Company

Ethics. Quality. Farm to Table. Everything on the above list is checked and held to a higher standard. I would love for your to join me on this amazing journey!


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