My Why

When I was deciding what I wanted to do with my life, I never dreamed it would be  "selling CBD oil", let alone selling anything at all.  I didn't even know I loved science until my senior year of high school when I took Anatomy & Physiology to get switched into the lunch with my friends. {truth} I fell in love immediately with how intricately our bodies were created.  Our bodies heal, grow, repair, sleep, wake, get strong, get weak, all without knowingly instructing them to function.  This class created the desire in me to learn more and study more and perhaps spurred my desire to go to medical school. I had no idea then that my underlying desire to go to medical school would be somewhat thwarted by my battle with Crohn's Disease.  I decided to get my Masters Degree and see what I thought about applying then, when I was done with my Occupational Therapy degree.  By the time I graduated, I was terribly ill and had no energy to continue with school.  I looked forward to living closer to home again, not knowing what my future held with my crumbling health.

I took a position at a hospital that I loved, an hour from my hometown, in a department I never intended to enter.  I was in Acute Care treating patients in the ICU's, straight off the news with car accidents and boating accidents, gun shot wounds and more.  I absolutely LOVED it.  The thrill of the emergency and the excitement of knowing I was helping someone who truly needed me to heal was where I was most comfortable. I enjoyed educating and helping patient families thru a difficult time. I enjoyed working closely with the physicians, making recommendations to doctors, working with intelligent counterparts. I loved everything about my job and I loved to learn new things.   Unfortunately, my poor health progressed and the physical nature of my job really began to affect me.  At that time Pharmaceutical Sales was hot and a job literally fell into my lap.  As much as I hated leaving patient care, I had to take care of my own body.  I was successful as a Pharmaceutical Rep because I came straight from the hospital. I could talk to the doctors on their terms and they recognized that I knew a little something about what I was selling.  But, it wasn't long before I truly longed to be back in the hospital where doctors wanted my opinion, where I could educate families during their time of need and encourage patients to do their best and heal their bodies.  I needed to help people.

Around that time, I got married, had three kids and I had plenty of people that needed my help.  I am also a creative and a secret childhood dream was to own my own stationery business.  That came to fruition when my children were babies. I used nap times to start a business that ended up merging with another business and I found myself a small business owner.  That kept me busy for several years as my kids were young and I was continuing my own battle with illness. It allowed me to stay home and keep my brain occupied while I was pushing through a lot of pain.

I ultimately ended up very ill and recovering at home on the couch for over a year with multiple surgeries in between. Now, I was the patient and I was discouraged and frustrated. I HAD to stop thinking about me, so I got a job.  After eleven years away from patient care, I jumped back in and my soul was happy again.  I needed to help people.  But this time around, I was able to relate to them more than ever before. I knew what it was like to be stuck in the hospital. I knew what it was like to have an ostomy, to wear a wound  vac, to have scars and bowel issues, blood transfusions, medication infusions,   doctor's visits and being poked and prodded. Not only that, I was more mature. I learned more from my patients than I ever had before.  I listened more and I listened longer. I had a 100 year old gentleman who stormed the beaches of Normandy and a 94 year old woman who escaped the Germans in Lithuania on a ship that was bombed.  I've had famous athletes, musicians and artists as patients.  Political figures and then just regular old people like me that taught me more about the kind of person I wanted to be. Most importantly, I learned that faith, family and a sense of humor will get you through just about anything.

As I look back to how I landed here, selling CBD oil with a large dose of passion, I realize that each step, each prodding, each change was developing my skills, my knowledge, my experience and my wisdom to be right here helping people. I still work with patients in patient care. I need them I believe as much as they need me. With my own medical journey coupled with watching my patients' medical care, my heart is becoming increasingly heavier. I watch them take handfuls of pills with no healing, no recovery, no future of freedom from medicine. I experienced the same thing in medications that were masking my symptoms but not treating my condition. I dove deeper, I studied harder, researched longer and found out that what we refer to as "Alternative Medicine" is actually the "Original Medicine" dating back to records from 1200 B.C. While I get so excited about all this "new" I continue to learn about plant-based medicine and CBD oil, it isn't new at all. This has been around for thousands of years, but its new to our industrialized world because everything must now be proven by the Scientific Method.

I am not anti-medication, but my eyes are opening to the need for LESS chemical medication, avoiding more side effects and drug interactions that can't be controlled when you take synthetic (man made) medications. But when you take God made, organic (carbon) plants, they are smart. They don't have side effects or drug interactions because God created everything we needed when he created us and the Earth. There is just so much to learn!

So, my why. My why is to use the brain I was blessed with, to study the things I love, and use the gifts I have been given to care for people who are hurting, and apply my wisdom from my broad experiences to relate to those who need it. I want to help people.

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