Raw and Unfiltered: Surviving Crohn's disease

So many people have asked where to find my story from start to finish about my Crohn's Disease. Here it is. Raw and not always easy to talk about. I make videos because I am an Audible girl...to be heard, not to be seen. So, please, pop in your air pods and go for a walk. It's longer than I like, but I'm getting old and there were a few years to cover😆I pray that my story helps or encourages any one. Please don't hesitate to share it if you know someone who needs to hear it. That's who I made it for.❤️I never had anyone forging the Crohn's road ahead of me to give me advice. I would love nothing more than to be that person for anyone who needs it. It's a horrific disease. And much more bearable with someone who can relate.