Sniper and CBD Oil for Pets

This is from a sweet friend of mine about her dog. AMAZING!! In January I took my dog to the vet because of a nasty cough. The diagnosis of the was due to allergies, however we agreed to take chest X-rays to rule out other potential problems.

Unfortunately, the X-rays revealed an enlarged liver so bloodwork was in order.

A couple days later I was informed of the bad news that Sniper had leukemia.

We were referred to a veterinarian oncologist who also confirmed the diagnosis. The oncologist told us that In Sniper’s current stage, they would not begin chemotherapy. He stated that it would probably be a year before his lymphocytes reached a level that they would start treatment.

Every month I brought Sniper to the oncologist for his routine lab tests and every month the numbers became worse. Seeing my little friend beginning to show the signs that something wasn’t right I decided to take treatment into my own hands and put together a daily regime of natural herbal supplements including CBD oil.

After starting the homeopathic treatment, each month I began to see Snipers blood levels improve. Even after being told by the veterinarians that this was probably not long term and that Snipers improvement was not because of the homeopathic treatment that I had started months earlier. After approximately 6 months of self treatment I was informed today that all of Sniper’s blood levels are back to normal. I will continue the treatment to see where this leads. It may not be permanent, but it has obviously added many months or years to his life.

There may be little to no FDA research to support homeopathic medicine which now includes CBD oil.

I am not sure if Sniper’s remission is because of the prayers or the treatment that has helped Him pull through this nasty illness but something other than modern medicine has made a difference in our life. When a medical professional tells you that nothing else can be done, think outside the box. A lot can be done!