The Perfect Timing

I had one final surgery in May 2017 to finally "stitch me up tight". It wasn't a matter of "if" but "when" I had my final hernia repair once we knew that I had no more infection. We thought me might be moving to Kansas so I wanted to be sure my doctors in Houston could put the final stitch in me. My surgery was a success. He moved my belly button back in place :), gave one final swipe under my skin to release some ad

hesions from the fascia and closed me up. This was a celebratory surgery. While it was "the end", it marked the beginning of getting back into shape for the final time, I hoped. I worked out, played tennis, lifted boxes, exercise I had avoided for several years in order to heal properly. With increased exercise came increased pain and a greater need for pain meds. Once again, I returned to that mild opiate as due to the ulcerating nature of my stomach, I was not allowed to take over the counter pain meds.

I was on and off that pain med for the better part of 2 years. I knew I needed to get off of it, but I also didn't know what to do for the pain. After working out, it was significant pain from the tearing of the adhesions. At just the perfect time, my friend, Valri, reached out to me about CBD oil. She knew about my health history and wanted to share it with me. I had heard of it, as I believe most had. But I didn't even know the difference between marijuana and hemp. I was ready to try it, but I had to do my due diligence in research to investigate the company and the product. For a week I had my nose to the grindstone and finally mentioned it to my husband. He was completely supportive knowing my background in studying up on essential oils and natural remedies. So, I called her and said, "I'm in!"

Funny thing. "I'm in!" meant I want to buy some. It never meant "I want to sell it!" I am an Occupational Therapist and I loved my job. I did not have any interest in selling anything. I bought the starter kit because it was 70% off and I am always a "dive in head first" kind of a gal. When my kit arrived, I started using the topical cream immediately with great success. I also started the tincture under my tongue twice a day. By day five, I was forgetting to use the topical because the tincture was beginning to work. I haven't gone without it in over a year. Each week I noticed something new that "went away". A new pain was gone, my joints weren't aching, I could run on the tennis court, I slept better, to name a few.

I was so impressed that I started telling my friends. And then they told their friends. And my mom. And before I knew it, my sharing it, was selling it and I have never looked back. The fact that I get to help someone feel better, someone that is otherwise not getting help from their doctors, which I know very well, is an honor and a privilege. Its my nature as an OT to want to help someone find their new normal and help them to the greatest extent that I can. Sharing CBD and being on the receiving end of my friends and family members healing stories....there is no greater joy.

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