Repost from 2010



I feel terrible not keeping up with the daily events lately, but will be sure to finish posting about Christmas and JBS' big birthday today very soon. Yes, JBS, is already six years old! Where did time go? Now he says things like, "Awesome" and "Cool." So this, of course means that little JLS uses the same lingo with a twist..."Awe-thumb" and "Pool!" Sweet toots. As for the diet. So many people have inquired about my diet and I am thrilled. If I could help one person as much as this has helped me, I will be thrilled. Three days ago I started getting sick. Sniffling, sneezing, cough, aching...the entire Nyquil commercial. When I reported this to my "coach," she told me this was my body detoxing. She explained that when the body needs to get rid of something, it creates the mucus to expel the bad stuff. Of course, this makes perfect sense, as this is what happens when we get a virus. I was skeptical, because it sure felt like a cold. Then, I opened my journal and read "Day 13." A healing crisis will take place, often feeling like a cold or the flu. Amazing. While I am officially on Day 16 of eating yeast and sugar free, I am now beginning "Day 9" in the book which is the first day of three of the liquid detox. I drink a concoction of 100% pure maple syrup, 100% pure lemon juice and distilled water. It tastes GREAT. The first sweet flavor I have had in 2 weeks and it tastes just like lemonade. It has been a little rough, as many of my old symptoms are rearing their ugly heads as they detox. It's like their last big chance to take me down. Day one down of no food. While I really haven't struggled with being hungry throughout this whole diet, I have certain dreamed of the feel of a good cheeseburger in the last few days. I am certainly learning how to "eat to live" instead of "living to eat!" As Babe remarked, "Where's the fun in that?" It's not fun. But its worse to be in pain all the time...


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