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After my box arrived full of "amazing" CBD products, I had done enough research to be confident enough to take this particular brand of CBD. I had heard so many bad things about pop up CBD stores. I mean, we all watch Dateline right? I have used Essential Oils to remedy some pretty crazy stuff that happened to my body when I was on immunosuppressants for Crohn's Disease.

I regret that I didn't understand reducing my immune system would have so many repercussions. But thats where we were with understanding Crohns 25 years ago. If you have an overactive immune system, remove the problem. The medical model is based on finding the problem and treating it, definitely not looking at the whole picture. I trusted my doctors and I didn't ask questions. So, with that I took the meds. I took pills forever that didn't work, then I progressed to IV meds to knock out my immune system. Over the years I then progressed to the shot and I got every bug that entered my house on the backs of 3 little boys. Eventually I had pneumonia twice and the doctors finally said, "No More."

At that point, I was heading 90 mph head on to some serious surgery and I tried my hardest to avoid it. I had a trusted friend that introduced me to essential oils. I figured I had nothing to lose. And lo and behold, they were successful with some pretty random issues. I knew I still had Crohns. I will always have Crohns Disease, but I was able to manage many of the symptoms or side effects of not having a strong immune system with essential oils. My deep dive into natural remedies began here and I was AMAZED to say the least. So, I approached CBD as an essential oil. It is, after all, the essential oil of the hemp plant. But what I had NO idea about was the difference between Hemp and Marijuana? How do I know which CBD is best? After all, I am willing to pay for the BEST after all I had been thru. Who do I trust? The Internet was full of information and how did I know what to believe? How in the world does CBD help someone's painful joint and yet also helps another persons emotions?

My mom always told me my forte was research. I took a big 2 day aptitude test when I was a senior in high school because I had NO idea what I wanted to do with my life. I just wanted to go to college. That test told me (or my mom because she was the only one who really read it) that I needed to be in a field that was more than likely medical, service-oriented and had something to do with research. No idea if I pursued my love because of my natural instincts or because my mom encouraged it, but I ended up becoming an Occupational Therapist (medical-check, service-check, research-check). I love medical journals, I love learning and I love science and was already dabbling in learning to love essential oils. So, I dove right in studying this amazing plant everyone was talking about. I had to know WHY it worked? I had to understand HOW it worked? If it was working for me and I wanted to tell my other sweet friends and family about this stuff, I am not able to say, "Just trust me." I have to be able to fully understand it.

So, I began my CBD journey trusting a company I throughly researched for ethics, quality and value by taking their products. I started with topical cream on my so painful abs and the tincture under my tongue twice a day. Within five days, I was not only off my opiates, but had had zero withdrawal symptoms. None. For the first time in over two years I was not only off meds, but I was without pain. That spoke volumes to me.

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